• For finnish customers:

Self-adhesive protective film was invented in the early 1970s. Rolf Schmidt Nielsen founded SMINIPAC after seeing protective film for the first time at a trade fair in Sweden. He founded His company with the goal of importing and selling protection film for industry in Denmark.

Since then SMINIPAC has grown into Scandinavia’s largest supplier of protective films.

With over 40 years of experience in self-adhesive protective film arena, SMINIPAC is now Scandinavia’s most specialized supplier of self-adhesive protective films to protect surfaces through production, shipping and assembly.

SMINIPAC supplies machines and protective films for manufacturers of cars, mobiles phones, kitchens, and steel to name just a few. The film can be used on many kinds of materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, prelacquered surfaces, coil coating, acrylic, PVC and laminates.

In the central warehouse in Mårslet SMINIPAC has its own splitting saw where the film is cut precisely to our customers demands. We stock a minimum of one million square meters of foil, ready to be cut and delivered. This means that customers are guaranteed a fast delivery.

Since 2005, SMINIPAC has offered its own service for applying the protective foil on all flat surfaces including stainless steel, aluminum, laminate, prelacquered items, and plastic sheets. We have three machines which can apply protective foil both front and back surfaces with a width from 500 mm – 2000 mm. We handle the plates gently using vacuum lifting.

SMINIPAC is Scandinavia’s leading supplier of protective film and film application machinery.

SMINIPAC is owned by Rolf Schmidt Nielsen, who started the company in 1977.